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AIP Resources


Whilst Autoimmune Paleo does not have much of a presence in the UK – hence our creation of a complete section of this website dedicated to those with autoimmune conditions – AIP is actually fairly well represented across the internet as a whole.


Just 10 years ago, the same would not have been true.


The benefit to those following AIP of the fact that information is relatively newly available is that what is out there is not too polluted with misinformation, unlike many areas of nutrition.

This means that we are happy to share in this section the details of professionals and amateurs alike who populate the world wide web with stories of their journeys with AIP.

You will find science and you will find evidence-based medicine. But mostly, when it comes to AIP, you will find real people who have lived the experience of attempting to integrate and evolve using AIP in their world. Whilst some of these people are professionals within healthcare, many are practitioners after the fact: i.e. their condition made them expert and led them to become qualified to help others.

Living, growing and adapting through Autoimmune Protocols is always a process and there is an art, not just a science, to changing your biology after developing an autoimmune disease. The people and websites included here have become prolific for two reasons: firstly, they are real and have shared deeply about their journey with following the AIP recommendations.

Secondly, they have allowed their diagnosis to change their behaviours, their choices and their relationship to, and respect for, their bodies. Without exception, everyone who excels whilst utilising the tool of AIP simultaneously allows their lives to change and reflect deeper self-care, a deeper connection to their personal needs and boundaries – and an intimate awareness of how to live inside their body with self-awareness.

Autoimmune Wellness : Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt


Dr Sarah Ballantyne, PhD


Izabella Wentz, The Thyroid Pharmacist – all about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


Phoenix Helix : Eileen Laird


Dr Amy Myers


Dr Terry Wahls

These are not cookbooks but textbooks on Autoimmune conditions.  For recipe books, see the next tab on this page.


The Paleo Approach by Dr Sarah Ballantyne, PhD – all autoimmune conditions, a very scientific tome, perhaps too science-laden for some.


Autoimmune Wellness Handbook by Mickey Trescott & Angie Alt


A Simple Guide to the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol by Eileen Laird


The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers M. D.

The Thyroid Connection by Amy Myers M. D.


Hashimoto’s Protocol by Dr Izabella Wentz


The Wahl’s Protocol by Terry Wahl’s


The Hidden Plague by Tara Grant – all about Hidradenitis Suppurativa, though with fabulous transferable information for all autoimmune conditions, particularly skin conditions and ’embarrassing’ conditions which affect your social interactions

Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, by Mickey Trescott – Metric Version but that’s really expensive so buy the Normal Version and use our Conversion suggestions on the Unit Conversion tab on this page.


The Paleo Approach Cookbook by Dr Sarah Ballantyne, PhD


The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook by Angie Alt


The Wahl’s Protocol Cooking For Life by Terry Wahls, M. D.


Nourish by Rachael Bryant


Freezer Cooking for the Paleo AIP curated by Jamie Harman, compiled from the recipes of 29 AIP bloggers

Autoimmune Wellness Recipe Area


The Paleo Mom Recipe Area – not all AIP, please read the captions and descriptions


AIP Batch Cook Course


Phoenix Helix Recipe Area

Phoenix Helix Instant Pot Cookbook


Grass Fed Salsa Recipe Area


Adventures in Partaking – AIP food and recipe blog


A Great Soup Roundup – American, but still quite cook for varying nutrient-dense soup recipes



More websites, resources and favourite blogs/recipe portals will be coming soon.  In the meantime, if you have a favourite – let us know by clicking on the next tab and sending us a message!

The Phoenix Helix Podcast is very worth listening to, entirely about autoimmunity and Eileen Laird’s exceptional show notes give you tons of resources


The Paleo View is another podcast which is well worth a listen, and the social accounts of Dr Sarah Ballantyne, PhD and Real Everything from Stacy Toth are also great


The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast goes in seasons but there are useful back-catalogue episodes which are well worth a listen


Unbound Wellness (Michelle Hoover) and Grass Fed Salsa (Anne Marie Garland) – both accounts are worth a follow, and their Unbound Healing Podcast is well worth the listen


SAD to AIP in SIX – Angie Alt – a paid course for those who are on a Standard American Diet and really need help with the transition phases to an Autoimmune diet, taking six weeks to complete.


Unbound Wellness’s AIP Meal Prep & Holistic Healing Guide – a free download, signing you up to Michelle Hoover’s site


Autoimmune Strong – exercise and training tailored for those with autoimmune conditions, including chronic pain and fibromyalgia, fatigue and other physical vulnerabilities


Keeping Your Kitchen Gluten- and Contamination- Free

Be aware that if you are AIP then you will want to be staying completely grain free not just gluten free.  One of the key grains for cross-contamination is corn: it is in many medications, supplements and often it is just a substrate for growth for active ingredients and therefore is not listed on the label.  Your level of sensitivity will determine how strict you need to be with this.  Clinically we have found that reactivity at this micro-level is more often associated with external, emotional components which are sensitising the body (rather than the original autoimmune condition itself).  For more on how to tackle this, see our AIP Mindset page.


Where Gluten Hides

Complete List of Possible Gluten-Containing Substances

Avoiding Cross-Contamination in the Kitchen


And do look on our Paleo Resources Page for food suppliers and product recommendations – many of them apply to both Paleo and AIP followers…

Do you have a favourite AIP Website, Social Account or Leader?


Paleo in the UK want to hear from you!  Just send us an email today with your recommendations and we’ll add them to our site so that other people looking for people/resources/recipes/support can find the resources they need to help them on their journeys…