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A Paleo & AIP Pancake Day

A Paleo & AIP Pancake Day


You may have noticed that here at Paleo In The UK HQ we have been BAKING quite a bit… because with Tiger Nut Flour a roaring success, we remembered what baking actually feels like.

No, we mean it – it’s easy, when following a Paleo-style diet and lifestyle approach, to forget that cakes, biscuits, cookies and treats exist. All of us at Paleo In The UK came to this diet/lifestyle through health crisis. It means that sacrificing the ‘Foods Out‘ never felt like a hardship as it was about healing ourselves. We didn’t start out by looking for Paleo-relacements for bread, biscuits and crackers… and when a lot of us started out on this way of life, these foods didn’t exist in every supermarket. This means that tastebuds change. Following a pure Paleo diet (i.e. without all the ‘treats’, ‘nut bars’, ‘snack bars’, ‘cassava-flour-cake’ style goodies) can mean than you end up craving broccoli and butter rather than chocolate cake… HONESTLY…

So with the idea of bread a distant memory, we recognise that Paleo is (at its heart) about foods in their natural, nutrient dense form – which means the whole idea of ‘bread’, ‘baking’, ‘treats’ and ‘cookies’ doesn’t really exist. And yet, there is something we have realised in running this site for the last few months…


Sometimes, in order to make Paleo work in the long term you MUST be able to have the things you miss – not because they’re nutrient dense or good for your gut, immune system or physical wellbeing. But because they’re good for your soul… which is ultimately great for your body.


Now, we at Paleo In The UK haven’t done pancake day in years. Using up the contents of our store cupboards would literally mean we feasted on avocado oil, coconut manna, nuts, nut butters and 100% cacao bars… admittedly, that sounds delicious, but it’s not exactly pancakes…




As always here at Paleo In The UK, we’re going to give it to you straight: if you’re following Paleo because you think it’s a ‘good idea for overall health’ but have no specific health conditions or concerns AND you have a craving for pancakes this year… by FAR the easiest option is going to be EAT SOME REAL PANCAKES.


It is something that we have repeatedly thought whilst experimenting with these ‘alternative’ ingredients and these different ways of cooking. There is a reason gluten-based flours are used for breads, cakes … and pancakes. It’s because it works, it tastes great and it’s easy. Everything else is a little more effort and isn’t going to give you the flavour that you remember. Always, when it comes to things that are these one-off indulgences, it is better to have the thing you actually want rather than make something which is a ‘noble equivalent’ but deeply dissatisfying. The whole point of a treat is to feel satisfied. If you have no health implications to suggest you should do otherwise… make the real thing.




However, the majority of people on this site are here because they have health issues, they are trying to make changes and are committed to Paleo or AIP as a route to foster an improvement in their own wellbeing. For those individuals, sitting down to a meal consisting solely of gluten, dairy, sugar and more sugar (with the potential Paleo addition of lemon juice) is not an option, nor does it make sense. And, let’s be honest, if you are going to make exceptions within your overall Paleo/AIP framework – Pancake Day is not the day to do this.

So if this is you – what you need are Paleo pancakes. And we share our favourite recipes below…



The Easy One: so simple, 4 ingredients… you have to like banana and coconut, but it couldn’t get easier than the Coconut Banana Pancakes from Nutritionist Meets Chef or the Coconut Banana Paleo Pancakes from Paleo Grubs. The difference between these two is in the desiccated coconut vs. coconut flour – these give slightly different textures, so pick your preference and enjoy!



The AIP One: Flash Fiction Kitchen’s Blueberry AIP Pancakes are a surefire winner. They use our new favourite, Tiger Nut Flour, alongside cassava flour – and you can even take out the coconut milk and replace with water if you’re sensitive to coconut. DO use the Apple Cider Vinegar, even if you’re a little sensitive to histamine – the vinegar is not the same once cooked, and it really does help with the rising. These are also Vegan – so if you’re feeding a tricky crowd, these are a safe bet. OK, fresh blueberries aren’t really in season, but carob chips, blackcurrants or redcurrants would also work well.




The Fancy One You’ll Impress With: so it’s Valentine’s Day as well as pancake day next week… and if you’re going to combine the two occasions (or you just want a really indulgent pancake-fest), then the best we’ve found is the Dark Chocolate Paleo Pancakes from Perry’s Plate – you’ll need a little more effort to find the ingredients, but really this is a doddle… they just LOOK super-yummy. They’re not healthy, but they’re gluten- and dairy-free and will definitely go down well with loved ones!




The Nut-Free One That’s Big On Texture: we love this Nut-Free Paleo Pancake with Triple Berry Compote recipe from Downshiftology because it blends flours, has quite a lot of body to the batter which means the pancakes are puffy, scotch-style – and the berry compote itself is a stellar idea for all sorts of reasons. Made without refined sugar, it is a really good way to top any of the pancakes mentioned here, neatly avoiding the ‘crunchy sugar/maple syrup and lemon juice’ option.





The One the Kids Will Love: mention ‘chocolate-almond butter’ and kids seem to be up for anything. So much so that they more than likely won’t notice these aren’t ‘real’ pancakes – Flourless Chocolate Banana Pancakes from Living Healthy With Chocolate. Simple, tasty … and you can even get the kids involved with banana mashing! (Bonus, no extra sugar… so not as much of a sugar high as conventional pancakes might bring!)




The Grown-Up, Delicious, More Effortful One: in this category, the Pina Colada Pancake Recipe from Simply Gluten-Free wins hands down. Coconut heavy, with the addition of pineapple syrup… we’d be tempted to also serve this with alcohol, if you’re really celebrating – and clear rum can be a delicious spirit, just make sure you get a good quality version that isn’t mixed or flavoured.





So there you have it – our favourite Pancake Recipes you can try for 2018. If you’re going to indulge in a Paleo or AIP way, we hope you enjoy – and do tag us on Insta (@paleointheuk) or Twitter if you try out one of these recipes – we’d love to see how you get on!


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