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When it comes to finding Paleo Products in the UK there’s loads of options. Check out this tweet from The UK Paleo Awards – over 300 UK Paleo businesses now that are serving the UK Paleo population – that’s pretty amazing, huh?

When we built this site last year, there wasn’t a single online site where you could find foods and products that were solely for Paleo and/or AIP needs. There were emporium-style online shops which sold Paleo products, yes. But not one site that was dedicated to Paleo-only foods, drinks and pantry products.

This year has, delightfully, seen the launch of TWO sites dedicated to the needs of those following a Paleo diet within the UK. This site is obviously one of them.


The other is Paleo & Co. Selling Paleo snacks, cooking ingredients and store-cupboard products (including most of our faves) along with some skincare and holistic health items, this is a great place to shop online if you’re trying to live a Paleo lifestyle and want to buy everything from one place.


For those of you who have explored our site, you will know that we have a Paleo Food Suppliers Resources Page. As we started to add products to the Store Cupboard tab here we very quickly realised that whilst there wasn’t a single place you could buy everything, our site would becoming unwieldy and useless if we just wrote a long, itemised list of all the UK Paleo stuff that we love.


We therefore decided to create an emporium of our own… and so we did… our very own Paleo Products Page.


This is not, strictly speaking, a shop –  you cannot buy these products directly from us. And nor would we want you to. The whole point of Paleo In The UK is to support the UK Paleo Community – and a fundamental part of this community are the (often small) manufacturers who are responsible for creating the fabulous, nutritious Paleo fayre that is increasingly available for the UK market.

Therefore, this Products Page is only going to display the Paleo Products that we love. For those products we have reviewed on our own blog we will link to our HONEST review from the product listing itself, so you can read before you buy!


We WILL NOT be taking commission or affiliate income by linking to these products – instead, the items on our Products Page will link directly to the suppliers themselves – to their online stores for purchasing direct from the makers*. This way, we know that the hardworking Paleo champions in the UK are getting all of your investment in their produce.


We will build this resource over time – slowly adding books, personal care products, more pantry items, household products. We promise that we will not add anything that we don’t rate and/or haven’t tried… and we will also endeavour to keep the prices we have listed up to date, as well as inform you prior to you heading to the suppliers’ sites of any stock shortages so you don’t get any nasty surprises when navigating off our site to purchase items. We will also be sure to keep up with any sales that manufacturers are having, updating our lists accordingly during these periods.

Moreover, our database will be searchable – by type, tag – and also by the terms “Paleo Approved” and “AIP Approved”. It’s probably not relevant for the “Paleo” tag, because everything will be Paleo – but it really takes the guesswork out of whether a product is AIP or not, which is something other shops/product pages don’t do a good job of.

When a supplier is doing simply excellent work and has a whole host of products we plan to link to their own shop ‘master’ page, giving you an idea of our faves and the variety of options under just one listing. Take, for example, our Primal Joy Snack Bars listing here.

Rather than listing every single item, you will see that we have given an overview – and we share our personal faves from the range. We also give warnings if the site itself sells any NON-Paleo products (such as the Salted Cacao bar from Primal Joy). We will not link too often to sites that sell non-Paleo things, but with companies like Primal Joy their range is so exceptional that we made… an exception!

And lastly, we are leaving our site open for reviews – so you, the lovely Paleo people, can heartily endorse the stuff you love too and help bring business to the wonderful makers of your favourite Paleo products.

Basically, we’re aiming to provide a resource for the community that makes being Paleo simple and filled with a plethora of choices in the one place, rather than an arduous internet-trawl of a task.

But, of course, we need your help! We are a small team and we will not be building this at a rate of knots, but we would love to hear your recommendations.


Know a great Paleo Product? MAKE or SELL a great Paleo Product? CONTACT US TODAY! We’d love to list anything and everything that this community has found to help their diet, their lifestyle and their Paleo-ness… (and yes, we know that’s not a thing…!)


*Any links on our site to products on Amazon may be affiliate links with Amazon only. If we have linked to the Amazon page of any supplier on our Products Page it is at their specific request to do so and they have been informed that we have an affiliate relationship with Amazon prior to them agreeing to our listing of their items in this way.


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