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On Tuesday 17 October 2017, the winners of the UK Paleo Awards were announced – and the list was fabulous. We wanted to review the winners and runners up here, to make sure we’d commemorated these leaders in our field and encouraged everyone who visits our site to use their products, shop at their stores, visit their cafes and follow their work:




Now, the Winner of this category leads the way in our Resources Page too – it is, of course, Fordhall Farm.



For so many reasons, Fordhall Farm epitomises the Paleo ethos – grass-fed animals, eating nose-to-tail (i.e. using all the animal), seasonal eating – but also community farming. They even have a tab on their website dedicated to “Paleo”, which can’t be bad! We have literally ALWAYS been impressed with our Fordhall Farm deliveries – even the way the arrive packed in wool insulation to keep them cool (complete with ‘re-use’ me instructions!) We cannot enthuse more about meat from Fordhall Farm – worth every penny, and a pleasure to shop here, in person and online.

Fordhall Farm also came Runner Up in the Paleo Food Business of The Year category and they sponsored the Paleo Recipe of the Year Category The Winner was Crispy Skin Chicken with Sweet Potato & Broccoli Salad from Eat Drink Paleo


The Runner Up was actually new to us, we are ashamed to say – and we are pleased that we have been re-educated. An order has already been placed to check out this delivery service and the meat quality, after which we will add Peelham Farm Produce to our Food Resources section.



From what we can tell Peelham Farm do a great selection of Organic red meats: beef, lamb, pork, veal and mutton, with Meat Box offerings for if you want to make a bulk purchase or get regular deliveries. With decent price points and a clear respect for nose-to-tail organic meat consumption, these Scottish suppliers are a fantastic contributor to the Paleo market. Peelham Farm were also Joint Winners of the Judges Excellence Award.




If you have read our Eating Out On Paleo Page, you will know that to do so is a challenge, if not almost impossible. We’ve given you a host of resources to help you when you aren’t near to a Paleo restaurant or cafe. However, there are some lucky individuals who will be located close to the winner and runner of this category:


The Winner

Roost Cafe and Pantry – Bagshot, Surrey – a great menu and pantry store, with an “Online Store” coming soon (yes, we’re excited…! – do sign up to get their updates for when this is live). Everything on the menu is grain-free, dairy-free and as natural as possible, without processed or artificial sugars or preservatives. Caters for breakfast, lunch and snacks – with full ingredients listed in store for anyone with further intolerances or allergies. Best thing? It’s not all nut-baking – there’s great sounding omelettes, fruit salads, deli-meats, soups, stews and salads – and really makes us with there were more Roosts around the country.



The Runner Up

Power Kitchen – Wigan, Greater Manchester – fantastic high-protein, gluten-free, refined-sugar free restaurant and delivery service, with weekly meal plan packages, macro- and micro- nutrient breakdowns and offering 11-7pm service, so lunch, dinner, afternoon and pre- and post-gym nutrition is all covered! The great thing about Power Kitchen is that their menu changes on a three-weekly rota, meaning the lucky Wigan folks need never get bored of their Paleo food… which is always a good thing. These guys do offer a fast-food environment but use ‘healthy’ food to do it, which is novel. They also provide meals which satisfy specific macronutrient ratio requirements (low-carb, keto). HOWEVER not everything at Power Kitchen is Paleo or Primal (tofu, tempeh, soya milk, dairy milk) – though everything can be made Paleo. The biggest benefit is that the team sound immensely knowledgeable and helpful and will guide you in your choices.





A tough category – but the Paleo favourites of Kombucha and Bone Broth both featured:

The Winner: Love Kombucha, Ginger and Lime Kombucha – ah, we love these guys… 4 different Kombucha flavours, 2 different sizes of each, a recipe book, cases for purchase and a… SUBSCRIPTION Option – and they’re all available online (yay!) We can’t promise this’ll convert you if your’e not a Kombucha fan – but we can say that this is one of the best products with which to start your kombucha initiation.


The Runner Up: Of course, it’s Borough Broth Co.’s Organic Chicken Bone Broth – the classic Paleo-style beverage (yes, we really do drink this as an alternative to tea… this company has been featured in just about every media outlet which celebrates good, authentic, high-quality foods – and the best news is that you can buy these pouches of perfect Bone Broth online from Coombe Farm Organics (another exemplary food supplier for the Paleo community). And yes, you can buy IN BULK – and we recommend that you do (save the freezer space – there’s no nasties so they’re fresh as fresh can be).






The Winner: Primal Joy’s Rich Chocolate Brownie

Everything that Primal Joy create emerges from the very ethos that Paleo does – using nutrition to both heal and minimising the consumption of ingredients which can be more challenging to anyone with health compromises. Dairy-, grain- and refined sugar- free, all Primal Joy foods (including Granolas, Paleo Bars and Pudding Bars) are made from nuts, seeds, coconut oil and coconut nectar, cinnamon, cacao, salt, vanilla and a touch of fruit, egg & bicarb. There’s literally nothing in these that could be a concern for a Paleo foodie – and they’re convenient, easy-to-eat. Most importantly, they’re tasty. Our personal favourites at Paleo In The UK are actually the Cacao & Coconut, Original and Berry Boost bars, but this Dark Chocolate Brownie winner is a must-taste too – especially if you want an all-organic, wholesome treat. Happily, though you can order online, Primal Joy is becoming more available now – check their site for in-store stockists.




The Runner Up: Wilding’s Snacks Peking Duck Crackling

We have yet to try this at Paleo In The UK – as we have come from a hotchpotch of nutritional backgrounds and Autoimmune Paleo, for which the addition of deep fried spice blends doesn’t always go down well! However, the food-science, triple-cooked, natural-spice, quality-ingredients ethos of Wilding’s Snacks sound EXACTLY in tune with a Paleo ethos, and the end product sounds like one we’d love to eat. Makes an alternative to all the Beef Jerky that you can have as the sole snack option in the Paleo world. Wilding’s do online ordering, multi-packs, gift packs … in fact, at Paleo In The UK we’re always looking for gifts for our loved ones, and their Victorian Jars of Crackling looks like a great Christmas present… (shhh… don’t tell our families!)

Wilding’s Snacks were also Joint Winners of the Judges Excellence Award.






The Winner: One look on Eighty 20 Nutrition’s site and you know why Donna has aced this category – from perfect, Instagrammable food pictures to the fact that the recipes are appealing and make eating Primally seem anything but restrictive. Donna’s Carrot Cake recipe also came Runner Up for Paleo Recipe of the Year.

The whole website is filled with ideas for every conceivable food opportunity – and the personal energy with which Donna imbues the recipes and her clear love of both cooking and photography shines through the page. (Paleo) Food, cooked and shared with love. We think this site rivals a lot of US Paleo blogs.





The Runner Up: Greens of The Stone Age – an inspiring and fantastic recipe-filled blog from Georgie, a writer for many publications, including Primal Eye Magazine. A quicklook around her site and you’ll be hooked. Somehow Georgie makes even her recipes seem adventurous, much like her spirit! Galaxy Doughnuts, Raw Vegan Protein Mars Bars, Purple Sweet Potato Haupia Pie – and even a Healthy Unicorn Frappuccino – she makes Paleo brightly coloured and tasty in a way we have never seen before. (Much better than many US Blogs, too…!)





Primal Play Sponsored International Blogger of the Year The Winner was ChiYu Smith of I Heart Umami, The Runner UpJill Speer, Girl Gone Paleo



The Winner: Primal Joy are back again – this time with their Fig & Orange Pudding Bar – literally a Paleo Christmas in a bar, you can serve this WARM, with your dairy-free cream alternative (and a great Christmas Pudding replacement).

The Runner Up: Green Banana Baking Flour from Natural Evolution Foods. This is a great innovation, for many reasons. Firstly – it’s a nut-free flour. The fig bar above is a step beyond the typical almond flour (it uses chestnut, hence Christmas) but here, Natural Evolution Foods have created a fibrous, Paleo- and AIP- approved flour for baking which is safe for those with allergies AND rich in resistant starch. A true innovation – and a lifesaver for AIP bakers everywhere (or those with nut allergies).




The JOINT Winners: Haughton Honey and Nut Blend’s Golden Nut Butter

The Runner Up: Nut Blend’s Perfect Nut Butter

People often complain about Breakfast whilst following a Paleo regimen. There’s really no need with delectable nut butters and honey – because everything tastes yummy. Raw, pure DELICIOUS English honey from Haughton – and Golden Nut or Perfect Nut Butter from Nut Blend… both delicious (we really don’t know how the judges decided)








The Winner of Paleo Book or eBook of the Year was Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook by Irena Macri with The Runner Up being Paleo:12 Weeks to Change Your Life by Rebecca Field




The Winner: The Primal Pantry – you can’t be Paleo and NOT have seen these guys’ products around – bars, protein snacks – just yummy stuff and all Paleo – great food producers that we here at Paleo In The UK heartily endorse. Better yet – they’re readily available in loads of national supermarkets – so they’re very easy to pick up but you can also order in bulk online. Even Better??? NEW Subscription Service – so you will never run out of all of these Uber-delicious, Paleo-Friendly snacks.


The Runner Up: Fordhall Organic Farm (above)




We wish we could have sat in on the tasting for this one! But The Winner was declared Forever Cacao’s 80% Signature Dark Bar, with The Runner Up being an intriguing entry we’ve not yet tried: The Raw Chocolate Company’s Raw Chocolate Mulberries. If you’ve read our All About Chocolate Page you will know that “Raw Chocolate” isn’t necessarily the greatest thing for health. However, the ethics and sourcing of these companies seems to come up to scratch. However, we’re going to do our own little investigation into these brands before giving our verdict – and we’ll update via the blog if we believe that these chocolate offerings really do meet the healthy Paleo In The UK Chocolate standards.


All of which leads us onto the final category – and one we couldn’t be more approving of…




Darryl Edwards of Primal Play


If you’ve checked out our Exercise section you’ll know that Primal Movement does not mean daily CrossFit, as far as we’re concerned. Darryl Edwards and his Primal Play philosophy and education epitomises the idea that Movement practices should be as nourishing for the body as the “Paleo foods” we choose to eat.

Moreover, he’s bringing a British voice into the global Paleo community, which we couldn’t be more happy about. At this moment in time he is one of the very few UK voices which is truly making a splash in the global Paleo community – and we believe that this award could not have been given to a better person.


We would like to close by saying a massive well done to all the winners, runners-up and nominated brands, individuals and businesses for the 2017 Uk Paleo Awards.


We’d also like to thank and congratulate those who spearheaded, sponsored and promoted the UK Paleo Awards – it’s interesting to see that there are a growing number of companies, people and personalities who are promoting the nutritional, movement and lifestyle principles that are the foundations of “Paleo”. We can’t wait to see the amount of nominees grow year on year… Here’s to 2018…!


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