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RECIPE AREA… Coming Soon

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Here at Paleo in the UK we have no qualms in admitting that this area is not our strong point.  Perfecting filters on food pictures, trialling numerous versions of Paleo treats, meals and snacks is not a skill particularly within our wheelhouse.

We believe that simple is best – piece of protein, plates of vegetables, healthy fats and lunches of salads with sliced and fried organ meats or oily sardines or mackerel.  Desserts are rare, bone broth drinks, soup and stews are ever-present.

And yet there are a zillion recipe resources out there that are mainly American.  So, as we build this part of our site, our first focus will be to provide a ‘translator’ or ‘glossary’ and a link to our favourite websites and books which are choc-full of great recipes, but the measurements, ingredients and odd tools required may be a solely US affair.

But here is where we would love contributions from you.  Making a great Paleo treat?  Want to share your recipe for your favourite dinner with the world?  Found a new stockist for a niche ingredient?  Then this is the point where we would ask you to contact us, let us know your recipes (pictures would be fab too) and you could feature on our site!

Just email your recipe with the subject “Recipe” to info@paleointhuk.com

Include your name, a little of your story if you wish (will be abbreviated to max. 250 words) and if you have a website or blog where you’re sharing paleo-style stuff, let us have that too and we’ll link it for you!

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Found a perfect recipe but confused at the units?  Use the converter websites below to make sure you get the quantities right…

Quarts, cups and … well – there are better guides than us for this – so our recommended online converter for your recipes is here:




deliaonline.com/information-centre/oven-temperatures-and-conversions – also includes Oven Temperatures which is useful – scroll right down for the US cup conversions

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Do you have a favourite Paleo Recipe?


Paleo in the UK want to hear from you!  Just send us an email today with your recipe and we’ll upload it to our site when we build out this section.  Of course, we’ll credit you so don’t forget to give us your social details and/or website address so we can list your online presence).

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