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Everything you need to know about Paleo & Autoimmune Paleo: Diet, Lifestyle & Mindset

The 'ins', the 'outs', the grey areas, the reintroductions, the superfoods... All with free, downloadable PDF guides.

Comprehensive, in-depth scientific explanations of the modern science behind these nutritional approaches.

Beyond the food - the other elements of living Paleo & AIP Lifestyles: sleep, exercise, toxins, mindfulness and psychology.

Comprehensive guides to eating and living Paleo or AIP in the UK - the books to buy, socials to follow and where to shop.

Paleo Foods

Paleo Foods Included

Paleo Diet

What's In

Nutrient dense, whole food sources of optimal nutrition for health - how to eat Paleo - not just what's 'out' but what's 'in'.


A Toxic World

How to clean up your house, personal care products and environment to best serve your health.



AIP Eliminations

AIP Foods Out

AIP Foods


The AIP dietary guidelines for tackling autoimmune conditions using this gold standard Elimination Diet.



Why and when to choose Paleo or AIP - and how to approach change and health with a healthy attitude and psychology.

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The Science Articles

Digging deep into modern science to analyse the Superfoods, the grey areas and the eliminated foods on a Paleo or AIP Diet.

Another plant compound that can cause issues within the human digestive system. But what's the deal with phytates and are they really a problem?

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Beautiful vegetables and fruits - but what's with nightshades and why are they problematic for anyone who is sensitive or following an AIP protocol?

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Some say it can cure everything, others that it's a refined, processed, saturated 'bad' fat. What's the truth and the science behind the Coconut Oil craze?

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Coconut Oil

A Paleo and AIP Superfood, Bone Broth is fabulously good for you. But why? What's the science behind this miracle substance and why can it heal all ills...?

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Bone Broth

Rotting veg is growing hugely popular. All the details on fermenting: why to, how to, what not to do and when not to do it (yes, for some it's not a healthy option)...

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Eggs are a great source of protein and fat. They're also one of the most allergenic or inflammatory foods for some. All the science behind this dichotomy...

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Full of goodness but laced with stimulants: where does coffee sit on low inflammatory, nutrient dense diets and can it be Paleo, if not AIP?

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We know that alcohol is a toxin - but can also contain compounds which are beneficial. Is there a way to healthily include it in a Paleo diet? We think so...


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A delicious superfood, rich in polyphenols and natural plant goodness. Find out why chocolate is Paleo approved, though not AIP here.

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Harmful? Maybe. But they're calorie free. They are, however, "non-nutritive" - find out why this makes artificial sweeteners NOT a Paleo food.

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Artificial Sweeteners

The humble spud: nutrient dense carbohydrate source, loved the world over. But do they contain toxins that are harmful to human health?

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A great source of fibre, carbohydrate and protein - but legumes (beans, pulses, lentils) have a dark side. Digesting them may leave you more than just bloated...

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Called 'addictive' and 'toxic', but sugar is a product with natural origins. Why is it excluded on strict AIP and Paleo? How much is too much...?

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Is it a health food or harmful? The lowdown on dairy - and why quality, fat content and the food of the cows makes a real difference.

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The ins and outs of the most controversial protein on the planet: the modern science behind why Gluten is avoided on Paleo and AIP...

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